Mivne Real Estate KD Ltd

Mivne Real Estate KD Ltd

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Industry: Real Estate
Listing country: Israel
Year added: 2022

Mivne Real Estate KD Ltd., initially known as Kardan Real Estate Enterprise and Development Ltd, is a company that specializes in the real estate industry. The company's history in real estate development and investment is marked by its engagement in residential, commercial, and office projects, as well as property management services. While traditionally headquartered in Israel, the exact location of its headquarters may require verification due to potential changes over time. Mivne's primary market has been Israel, although its business reach may extend to international markets depending on its strategic decisions. It's important to note that real estate companies such as Mivne Real Estate KD Ltd. often identify their 'brands' as major development projects, which can vary as the company's portfolio evolves. Accurate and up-to-date information regarding Mivne Real Estate KD Ltd.'s incorporation year, current headquarters, and latest projects would be best obtained from official corporate records and the company's recent public disclosures. (Powered by AI)

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