Remgro Ltd

Remgro Ltd

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Industry: Meat, Poultry & Dairy
Listing country: South Africa
Year added: 2022

Remgro Ltd was incorporated in 1948 and has established its headquarters in Stellenbosch, South Africa. The company operates predominantly as an investment holding firm, with a diversified interest spanning several business categories, including Banking and Financial Services, Healthcare, Consumer Products, Insurance, Industrial, Infrastructure, and Media & Sport. While Remgro Ltd itself does not own brands in the conventional sense, it holds substantial investments in a myriad of companies, which in turn own reputable brands. Among these are RMB Holdings Ltd and FirstRand Ltd in the Banking and Financial Services sector; Mediclinic International in the Healthcare sector; Distell Group Ltd in the Consumer Products sector; and RCL Foods Ltd, which has a focus on the food industry. The influence of Remgro Ltd is not restricted to South Africa alone, as the products and services of its associated companies are available in numerous countries. For instance, Mediclinic International operates in not only South Africa and Namibia but has expanded its healthcare services to Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates as well. Distell Group Ltd also boasts an international footprint, catering to various global markets beyond the African continent. (Powered by AI)

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