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SASB Industry: Oil & Gas - Refining & Marketing
Listing country: Brazil
Year added: 2020

Incorporated in 1953 and headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the company operates across several key business categories including Exploration and Production; Refining, Transportation, and Marketing; Gas and Power; Distribution, which is handled by the BR Distribuidora brand; International Business, and Biofuels. Renowned for its leading brands, the company's portfolio includes the widely recognized BR Distribuidora, which is central to its fuel distribution network and may operate independently due to partial divestment processes. The Petrobras brand is ubiquitous across multiple segments from fuel to petrochemical products, while Lubrax is synonymous with high-quality lubricants. While the core of its operations lies in Brazil, the company's international presence is significant, with activities and assets in the United States, South America—including countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, and Colombia—and Africa, with notable operations in Angola and Nigeria. The scale and intensity of operations in these international markets are subject to change as they adapt to evolving business strategies and fluctuating market conditions. (Powered by AI)

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