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Industry: Construction Materials
Listing country: Australia
Year added: 2018

Boral was incorporated in 1946 and has since established its headquarters in North Sydney, NSW, Australia. As a significant player in the construction materials and building products sectors, Boral's expertise lies in providing a variety of essential products including concrete, cement, aggregates, plasterboard, and roofing. The company is home to several widely recognized brands such as Boral Roofing, USG Boral, and Midland Brick, though it's important to note that the relevance and ownership of these brands are subject to change in line with the company's strategic business decisions and divestments. While Boral's primary market remains within Australia, the company's reach has historically extended to the United States and Asia. Nevertheless, the extent of Boral's international operations can fluctuate as the business continues to evolve, focusing on core markets and potentially divesting from international divisions. (Powered by AI)

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