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SASB Industry: Electrical & Electronic Equipment
Listing country: Netherlands
Year added: 2019

Incorporated in 2016 following a spin-off from Philips, Signify established its headquarters in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The company operates across several primary business categories, including lamps; LED technologies; home lighting solutions; professional lighting applications; lighting systems, controls, and connectivity; consumer luminaires; and digital solutions. Signify is known for a collection of key brands within the lighting industry. As the licensee of the Philips brand for lighting products, Philips Lighting represents a significant part of Signify's brand portfolio. Other important brands include Interact, which is Signify's platform for the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected lighting systems; Color Kinetics, known for its LED lighting systems and technologies; Lumec, which offers outdoor lighting solutions; Hadco, a brand that specializes in landscape and outdoor lighting; and Chloride, which focuses on emergency lighting systems. With a strong global presence, Signify’s products and services are sold in over 70 countries. The United States, China, India, and various European countries are among the most important markets for the company, underpinning its stature as a key player in the global lighting industry. The company’s vast distribution and sales network enable it to reach consumers and professionals worldwide, catering to a wide array of lighting needs across different segments. (Powered by AI)

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