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Shin-Etsu Chemical

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Industry: Chemicals
Listing country: Japan
Year added: 2018

Shin-Etsu Chemical, incorporated in 1926, is a leading chemical company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It operates through multiple business categories, and its portfolio includes a range of specialty products. The PVC/Chlor-Alkali Business is essential, focusing on producing and selling polyvinyl chloride and caustic soda. The Silicones Business provides a variety of silicone products utilized across industries like electronics and construction. Highly specialized, the Specialty Chemicals Business comprises semiconductor silicon wafers, photoresists, and rare earth magnets. The company is also prominent in the Semiconductor Silicon Business, manufacturing wafers for the electronics industry. The Electronics and Functional Materials Business delivers key materials for devices and functional materials, while the Diversified Business includes products such as synthetic quartz and cellulose derivatives. Shin-Etsu Chemical maintains a strong global market presence. Japan, being the country of origin, is a significant market. The United States, as well, is a crucial market due to its substantial sales and operations. China’s expansive manufacturing and electronics sectors make it a key market. Europe also plays a vital role, with countries such as Germany and the Netherlands contributing to Shin-Etsu's market reach. Southeast Asia is an increasingly important region due to its growing manufacturing industry. Overall, Shin-Etsu Chemical’s products and services are sold globally, supporting a variety of sectors, such as electronics, construction, and automotive. Despite Shin-Etsu itself being a known brand in the chemical industry, it does not have widely recognized consumer brand names, focusing instead on manufacturing essential components and raw materials for other companies' products. (Powered by AI)

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