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Hydro One

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SASB Industry: Electric Utilities & Power Generators
Listing country: Canada
Year added: 2018

Hydro One, incorporated on August 31, 1998, has established its headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Specializing in the transmission and distribution of electricity, it principally serves as a utility company within the province of Ontario. As the primary electricity transmission and distribution provider in the region, Hydro One is recognized for its monopolistic presence in the local market. The company excels in two key business categories. First, transmission involves the bulk transfer of electrical power from generating facilities to distribution systems. Second, the distribution sector focuses on delivering electricity to end-users, such as homes and businesses, within Ontario. Instead of operating a variety of brands, Hydro One conducts all its business activities under its own name, underscoring its status as an integrated utility provider. While Hydro One has a significant role in the Canadian energy sector, its operations are confined to Ontario, with no international outreach. Hence, its most important market – and the exclusive recipient of its products and services – is Canada, and more precisely, the province of Ontario. (Powered by AI)

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