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Ticker: AMZN
ISIN: US0231351067
Industry: E-Commerce
Listing country: United States
Year added: 2018
Market Cap: 885.2bn
Coverage Status: Good
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Incorporated in 1994, the company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, United States, and operates in various business segments. These key segments include Online Retail, spearheaded by, a leader in e-commerce; Amazon Web Services (AWS), providing cloud computing solutions; Subscription Services, which include various digital media content and benefits; Physical Stores that extend the retail experience; Third-Party Seller Services that empower external vendors on its platform; and Advertising Services, which encompasses a suite of marketing offerings. Amongst its portfolio, notable brands stand out, including the e-commerce giant Amazon, the membership program Amazon Prime, the cloud platform Amazon Web Services (AWS), smart speakers under the Amazon Echo line, electronic reading devices Kindle, digital media player Fire TV, the Amazon Basics line for everyday items, the organic grocer Whole Foods Market, home security provider Ring, the live streaming service Twitch, and more. These brands have become synonymous with the company's identity and have contributed significantly to its standing in the market. The company's products and services are sold across various key markets, most importantly in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, France, Canada, India, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Australia, and under a modified business model in China, where operations focus more on cross-border transactions since the domestic marketplace ceased in 2019. Continual market evaluation is a strategic part of its approach, seeking expansion and adaptation of product and service offerings to meet the diverse demands of a global customer base. (Powered by AI)

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Analytics based on the Sustainable Development Goals

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2,122 Total Ratings

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SDG #Analyses Weight Impact Score
17: Partnership for the Goals 1 11.02% +2.38
16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions 2 21.92% -3.32
13: Climate Action 1 12.53% -3.00
12: Responsible Consumption and Production 1 11.44% -3.64
10: Reduced Inequalities 1 5.89% +0.01
9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure 1 13.07% +3.22
8: Decent work and Economic Growth 2 15.95% +2.46
5: Gender Equality 1 8.18% +0.39

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SDG1Peer Group Average AmazoneBayRakutenZalandoMeituanShopify
1 --------
2 --------
4 --------
6 --------
15 --------
17 +2.23<+2.38 +2.60+2.37+2.49+1.04+2.50
3 --------
9 +2.94<+3.22 +2.97+2.54+2.70+3.06+3.17
7 --------
14 --------
11 --------
16 -3.14>-3.30 ----2.98-
5 -1.52<+0.39 -2.18-2.26-1.39-2.74-0.92
10 -0.12<+0.01 +0.88+0.26---1.64
13 -2.63>-2.99 -2.09-2.92-2.81-2.48-2.50
12 -2.68>-3.64 -2.68-2.30-2.37-2.50-2.60
8 +3.18>+2.46 +3.48+3.27+2.93+3.85+3.10